Geranium optimism

  • If my weekend naps and early bedtimes are any indication, I’m worn out. Most of this stress comes from the feeling that I’ve been working with my head down through the summer and into the fall, jumping from project to project, meeting to meeting, without finding the time to pop my head up and take in the big picture. In this job, I really need to be able to take in the big picture.
  • Fortunately, the back-to-school chaos has given way to well-worn routines, and the feeling that everyone around me has found their groove. There’s something comforting about October.
  • I’m trialling an Apple One subscription this month, and enjoying some of the Apple TV+ shows while I’ve got access. Strange Planet is a standout and just what I needed.
  • Back in the spring, I bought a couple of hanging planters with salmon pink geraniums. I really enjoyed how they bloomed throughout the summer, so I’m going to see if I can keep them alive through winter. My track record with plants is iffy, but I’m willing to give it a try.
  • Swellgarfo’s Connections Archive is a much-needed public service.