Groundhog Day

  • And just like that, December and January happened.
  • I managed to swing nearly three straight weeks off in December, and it was glorious. Next to the much-needed rest and relaxation, my personal highlight was taking a deep dive into Indian cuisine. I picked up a copy of Meera Sodha’s East cookbook in mid-December, and have been trying out several recipes since then. This time of year I crave hearty rice-based dishes with bright root vegetables, many of which start with delicious curry leaves, green chilli peppers and mustard seeds crackling in hot oil.
  • Finn the cat, who is now in his twelfth year, has been ill since mid-November. His vet suspects a chronic liver and/or gall bladder problem, which seems to be manifesting mainly as overnight puking. He’s as cuddly and energetic as ever, though.
  • Relatedly, I think I’m going to have to rip out all of the carpet in this house.
  • January was a blur, but my concerted effort to move more after a very sedentary holiday season was pretty successful. I managed 10,000+ steps on most days, and have also started using a bike trainer + Zwift to work out at home. It feels good to move.
  • I’ve just completed a four week introductory improv class at the Improv Embassy. Our little gang of 10-12 regular attendees got noticeably better and more comfortable with each other as the weeks progressed, and it was nice to spend at least one evening a week somewhere other than my couch.
  • For the next six weeks I’m participating in Synapcity’s Civics Boot Camp program, which brings participants together to explore issues with a municipal lens and develop skills to affect positive change in the community. I’ve served on my community association executive for a few years now, and have lots of opinions about municipal issues, so this is all very much in my wheelhouse.