Low friction travel

I visited San Diego for a work trip this week, and arrived a bit early to do some sightseeing and acclimate to the 3 hour time difference. As I travel more often these days for work and leisure, I’ve been reflecting on the elements that reduce friction and allow me to make the most out of a short trip. 

  • In my humble opinion, every trip should include local food, time in nature, and time with art. I logged about 25,000 steps earlier this week just wandering around La Jolla and visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Public transit is one of my preferred ways to see a place and its people at neighbourhood scale. When I have time to spare, I’ll often choose transit instead of rideshare apps. With many transit systems now sharing real-time data via Google Maps or apps like Transit, as well as accepting contactless payment, it’s easier than ever to get around this way. 
  • Pre-paid data plans are a great option when travelling internationally. They’re much cheaper than the rate my home carrier charges for out-of-country roaming, and very convenient as many carriers sell esims rather than physical cards these days. I used Airalo on this trip and spent just $8 USD for 3 GB of data. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones + a Kobo loaded with books = my ideal in-flight entertainment.