I have nearly identical setups at work and at home. My daily driver is an M2 MacBook Air running the latest Mac OS. I plug it into a 4K Samsung display when I need more screen space and/or the use of a keyboard with numpad.

I use an iPhone 14 Pro and an Apple Watch from about 2018 or so. While I regularly pick up my 2020 iPad Pro for casual browsing and watching, I prefer to read ebooks on my Kobo Aura. At home, I listen to Spotify on my Apple TV or Sony WH-1000XM5 noise-cancelling headphones. It all works pretty seamlessly, and I’m grateful for this.

This blog is running WordPress 6.3.1. While I’d like to find a lighter-weight solution, the truth of the matter is that I don’t have the patience for static site generators. I try to keep things simple here, with minimal plug-ins.